Company Procedure

US Collections West, Inc. Company Procedure

  1. Assigning accounts for collection:
    There are several ways to assign an account to US Collections West, Inc. You can schedule your sales rep to come to your location once a month or upon request (depending on volume) to pick up your files. You can either give the rep copies of all pertinent documentation, or to save you time we will copy all files free of charge at our office and return them on our next visit. Your second option would be to scan all documentation and submit the files via email to Another option would be to fax all documents to 602-393-0183 (this option is only recommended for minimal placement) or mail them to our PO Box.
  2. Acknowledgement of accounts placed:
    Your accounts will be entered into our system. We will then mail, fax or return, with the files, an acknowledgement statement. It will include consumer's name and the amount due. It is not necessary to sign and return. It is to ensure the amount owed is correct and the customer was not placed in error.
  3. The initial 30-day demand:
    By Federal law, US Collection West, Inc. is required to send a letter to the consumer's last known address. The letter advises them that our services have been retained to collect on your behalf. It also states that if the balance is not disputed in the first 30 days or the full balance is not paid within the first 30 days we will report the debt to the credit reporting agencies and they will be subject to further collection activities.
  4. Assigning the account a professional collector:
    At this point, if the consumer has ignored our request to pay the full balance, your file will be assigned to a professional collector. The consumer's credit bureau will be pulled to determine the best action to take and to get as much contact information as possible. The collector will aggressively work the file, attempting to contact the consumer at their home and their place of employment until the balance is paid or it is determined that further action is necessary.
  5. Request to file suit: (on accounts over $800.00)
    After we determine through our investigation on the consumer, or we have made repeated unsuccessful attempts to contact the consumer, US Collections West, Inc. will fax or mail a request for suit authorization. In most cases without your signed authorization we will not proceed with litigation or post judgment procedures.
  6. Filing the judgment executing the judgment:
    At this point it has been determined the consumer is refusing to pay voluntarily. US Collections West, Inc. has a network of attorneys all across the country, ready to go to court on your behalf. We advance all fees for legal proceedings. After obtaining your judgment our company will execute through a writ of garnishment, bank levy, or judgment debtor's exam. We will pay the attorney fees and add the fees to the consumers remaining unpaid balance. When the account pays we will recoup those costs first. If somehow the consumer is still able to avoid payment our company will absorb all the costs associated with the litigation and post judgment proceedings.
  7. When your account satisfies:
    Payments that are received by US Collections West, Inc. will be forwarded less our commission according to our agreement. US Collections West Inc. will remit your portion of the payment in the first 20 days of the following month. If the consumer attempts to come in to your office to satisfy an account we would prefer if you would direct the consumer to our office.
  8. Credit reporting and disputes
    We will advise you of any dispute received from the consumer or the credit reporting agencies. You will be advised of the dispute and the timeframe in which it needs to be answered. You will need to respond to the dispute and US Collections West, Inc. will answer the dispute on your behalf sending a copy to the consumer and the credit reporting agencies. When an account is satisfied we will update all of the data accordingly, and if necessary advise you to do the same.